PDF Automation Engineering Joint Stock Co. is a leading providers of engineering services & solutions to oil and gas industry, power plants, manufacturing, utilities and process industries.


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Our Services

Electrical solutions to power engineering

At PDF Engineering and Automation, we understand the challenges that power provider clients have to face: the need to optimized plant operation, reduce emissions to address increasing environmental regulations, avoid downtime and maximize return on their hefty investment.

We are determined to offer the most reliable, cost effective, integrated control, power, safety and information solutions, catering to plants in power generation, power transmission or power distribution of both conventional and renewable energy.

Mechanical/ electrical system for buildings

The prospect for construction in Vietnam is highly promising. What we can offer to developers and building managers is a one-stop, efficient solution to all of their needs, from designing, procurement to installation, training and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems needed to operate their high-rises, plants, factory or any other facilities

Testing & measurement, control and automation

For testing, instrumentation and control, we offer a full range of solutions, from the most cost-effective components to turn-key, integrated systems.

Our experienced engineer and technician team is always ready to solve any application challenge you may have in this area.

Process Equipment

For the vast market of pharmaceutical, food processing, feed processing, paint and cosmetics industries in Vietnam, we help build their liquid handling system with specialized vessels and reactors as well as other supporting accessories.

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